Secure Site Protection Software

The Most Secure Protection For Your Website Data and Media

Protect data and prevent data leakage

Data Protection

Take control of the access to your website data and information by using site protection software to protect data integrity and prevent data leakage. Provide access to your data records and information on a read only basis and only to those who abide by your policy and terms of use.

Protection for online images and website media

Image Protection

Images are the most most commonly pirated media for image stock or to promote similar products and services. Images can be scraped and downloaded from websites in many ways and only the best image protection software will prevent all exploits, usually with encryption and domain lock to ensure that the image files stored on the server are also safe from your web host and office staff.

Secure PDF protection on websites

PDF Protection

Provide online lessons, company reports and trade recipes on a read only basis in which no-one can copy, save, print or otherwise exploit your intellectual property. Most securely protected from all exploits including download, scraping, PrintScreen and screen capture.

Copy protection for video displayed on websites

Video Protection

The cost of producing video for promotion, user-guides and online courses will never be recouped while your competitors and other content thieves are pirating them and distributing them without your authorization or the payment that you need. But video can be most securely protected from all copy and sharing while being displayed to those with your given permission and according to your terms.

Protect websites from copy, hacks and exploits

“Protect media on shared hosing websites, or most securely protect all content on dedicated or virtual servers.”

CopySafe software can copy protect different types of media on shared hosting (economy) websites, but if you have a dedicated or virtual server the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) will provide the most secure protection from all copy methods and exploits, even from packet sniffing software. ASPS web content cannot be extracted in any way, not even from browser cache or memory.

All solutions are provided with easy to use website add-ons for adding protected media to web pages created by your online editor in WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla and DNN.

The Most Secure Web Browser For Copy Protected Websites!

Unlike the popular web browsers which have never been ideal for protected web media, the ArtisBrowser has been especially designed to protect web content from the ground up. While it seems like a normal browser, when it encounters copy protected web pages and media it switches into “protection mode” in which nothing can be copied, saved or extracted in nay way, not even fro browser cache or memory. Web designers no longer have to make compromises by allowing insecure web browsers. ArtisBrowser is the solution to all past protection woes.